Long Runs turned to lettering

So, despite telling my partner at mile 25 during last year's London Marathon, that I would *sob* NEVER do one again – I'm doing one again. Running 26.2 miles was tougher than I imagined, and the pain more excruciating, but the sense of achievement, the people I met, the person I ran with and the money raised for a wonderful charity made it all worth it. Then again, I've also since read that marathon runners notoriously tend to forget race pain – there's even been a study on it. Seems about right.

Anyway, I have a better sense of what's coming this year and as the miles of the weekend long runs started adding up, I decided to play around with the GPS route mapping. Channeling my inner puerility (not so inner), my running partner and I tried doing a poo for our 12 mile run. That is, spelling a poo. You can imagine the one-liners as we ticked off the letters, 'have we done a poo yet?', 'is the poo complete?', 'ooo, we're doing a really big poo!' It didn't work out quite as we'd hoped – it's more of a 'pool' – but... well, we knew what we were trying to do.

Our next attempt was a 13 mile 'pickle'. We're not really sure why. Though we did get quite a bit better at sticking to the route at least. The following week we upped the ante with a 14-letter, 15 mile couple of words. For fans of the podcast, My Dad Wrote a Porno, you'll easily get it and no doubt understand the joy we had doing it. For those who can't see 'Belinda Blinked' – shame on you! You should be tied up with blue parcel tape and thrown in a maze! At any rate, we were proud of this one. AAAAND. We're proud to say that Rocky Flinstone liked it too after spotting it on Twitter.

Our masterpiece so far though, has to be the '#Together' we created on 15 April in hopeful anticipation of BHAFC's promotion. I was more careful in mapping it out – spending an inordinate amount of time working out the hashtag. At the time we ran it, we still had a few games left and our promotion wasn't guaranteed. But when they won their game a couple of days after our run, our move to the Premier League was sealed. We'd like to think we helped – especially with 264 likes on Twitter and a retweet from @OfficialBHAFC!